Flying Hillbillies RC Club

AMA District 3 – Club # 657 – Winfield, WV, USA

We’re the FAA, and We’re Here to Help…

The FAA has finally got around to publishing FRIA locations on their UAS Facility Map, and in conjunction with that they’re sending out notifications on social media and elsewhere advising people to refer to the map to find a place where they can operate their UASs without remote ID. That’s all well and good, and it could potentially send some new members our way, but there’s a pitfall we should be on the lookout for. What the FAA is failing to mention is that AMA clubs have rules and membership requirements. An officer from a club in New Jersey reported that they’ve started seeing multirotor pilots using their field without permission and without regard for their club rules. Hopefully this won’t become a problem for us, but if you happen to encounter someone who’s under the impression that the FAA has given him permission to use our field, politely set him straight and encourage him to become a member if you can.